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Case Study: True Own Disability Insurance

David has been a neurosurgeon for over a decade and thrives in his practice. Over the years, he has built a great rapport with his patients and looks forward to working with them every day. But recently, David has noticed stiffness in his fingers, especially in the morning. He chalks it up to aging since he is closing in on 50 and alters his surgical hours to beginning surgery later in the day rather than first thing in the morning. His other symptoms are so minor — fatigue, a low-grade fever, dry mouth — that he dismisses them.

One day, though, his appendages appear red and extremely sore. His symptoms all start to fit together, and he recognizes the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis. After making an appointment with a rheumatologist at his hospital, David gets screened for RA. The result is positive.

Upon examination, David’s rheumatologist explained the onset of an RA “flare,” which was what he was experiencing. David recalls many symptoms in the past few years that confirm the diagnosis, and, looking forward, realizes his career may be in jeopardy. It will be impossible for him to operate if his phalangeal joints are inflamed. His doctor remarks that 20-30% of patients will develop nodules in many joints, and David looks morosely at his inflamed fingers.

Within half a year, David’s RA has become much more unbearable. He is unable to manipulate the delicate instruments necessary for neurosurgery and calls his disability insurance company in a panic. David is told he has True Own Specialty disability insurance, which covers much more than traditional expenses and long-term care.

True Own Specialty disability insurance allows its customers to collect benefits while working in another capacity. When David’s insurance agent explains this to him, David asked for clarification: he said he was interested in teaching at the medical college where he graduated and asked if he would be able to collect his full benefits if he was earning money there. With True Own Specialty disability insurance, he will. Not only that, the amount of benefits David receives will be tax-free.

David continued to ask questions, such as whether he could work in his office in another capacity during flare-ups and supervise surgeons while still collecting benefits. He was amazed to hear this was a possibility as well. David’s insurance agent assured him that he could work in any other capacity and still collect his full benefits.

David hung up the phone and smiled. His disability insurance was worth more than gold to him. It was a struggle in the beginning of his career to choose the higher premiums for individual rather than group insurance, but that choice is what protected both his investment in his career and his future.

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