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Independent True Own Specialty Insurance For Physicians
August 19, 2019

Independent True Own Specialty Insurance For Physicians

The Power of an Independent Agency for Disability Insurance 

When physicians work with an independent agency for disability insurance, the agent learns your insurance needs and gives you information pertaining to your lifestyle, career, family, and earnings. They can then tailor a plan to fit your unique needs – not the needs of a group.  As independent agents, Doctor Insurance Group can find the coverage that makes sense for you and your life — at no additional cost. 

True Own Specialty Disability Coverage

When shopping for disability insurance, one of the best benefits an independent agency provides is assistance with True Own Specialty Disability coverage. Unlike the group insurance that is offered by most hospitals and employers — and even many major insurance carriers — independent agencies can find plans that allow their customers to work part time or full time in any occupation, including their own specialty, while they accrue disability payments.

Not all disability insurance is created equally, and unless a physician has True Own Specialty Disability coverage, their coverage may not be adequate to see them through their disability crisis. 

Carrier Agnostic

Doctor Insurance Group works with all six national carriers that offer True Own Specialty Disability coverage, including Ameritas, Guardian, MassMutual, Ohio National Financial Services, Principal, and The Standard. As an independent agent, Doctor Insurance Group can compare and analyze the offerings from these six carriers and make recommendations on coverage to make sure that your objectives and needs are being met. We can also assist you through the underwriting process, keeping your time away from your practice at a minimum. All of this is provided at no additional cost to you.

Know your options before choosing disability insurance. Contact an independent agent at Doctor Insurance Group at 800-997-0148 to learn about our True Own Specialty Disability Insurance for physicians. To get the latest information, read our articles for the latest information pertaining to disability insurance and more.


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