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Is True Own Specialty Disability Insurance Right For You?
March 1, 2019

Is True Own Specialty Disability Insurance Right For You?

Why Should You Choose True Own Specialty Disability Insurance?

You spent your entire life working towards becoming a physician. In high school, you studied for the SATs. In college, you prepared for the MCATs. During your residency, you dedicated your time to becoming board certified. At this moment, it can be hard to imagine yourself without a scalpel in hand; it can be hard to imagine something coming in between you and your career.

Flash forward twenty years. You’re standing in surgery and notice your hand shaking. You hand the scalpel off to a resident observing the surgery and excuse yourself from the operating room. After a few visits to your doctor, you receive the dreaded diagnosis: you have Parkinson’s disease. Your career as a surgeon is over.

For many physicians, the picture painted above is a bleak reality — and the reason disability insurance is crucial to protecting your future. But not all disability insurance is created equal. If your coverage does not include True Own Specialty Disability coverage, then you are simply not protected.

What Is True Own Specialty Disability?

True Own Specialty Disability Coverage protects your benefits and allows you the freedom to continue to work, whether within your own occupation at a different capacity or in another occupation entirely, and still collect your benefits. Furthermore, True Own Specialty disability plans offer tax-free rates, level premiums, and a cost of living adjustment.

Tax-Free Rates
In addition to providing full coverage, True Own Specialty Disability insurance plans may allow disability benefits to be received tax-free. If an employer-sponsored insurance plan offers disability, those premiums are generally paid exclusively by the employer, and the tax burden is left to the employee. With True Own Specialty Disability insurance, premiums are paid for by the employee, which means all associated fees are part of the monthly premium. This leaves the monthly disability payouts tax-free.

Not only will you get full coverage when you have True Own Specialty Disability coverage, but you are also guaranteed level premiums. Group insurance rates may fluctuate if too many claims are filed during the fiscal year, which drives up rates for all insured employees.

Cost of Living Adjustment
A physician may work 30-35 years. If disability insurance is begun during residency, chances are the amount earned during a month will escalate as his or her practice expands. Fortunately, independent agencies offer a cost of living adjustment (COLA) rider, stating the monthly amount will increase with the rate of inflation. 

Are You Covered?

Think back to the proposed career scenario. After you receive a Parkinson’s diagnosis, you may not be able to operate. However, you can still perform exams, lecture at medical school, conduct research, and perform duties outside of the operating room. Though your physical capabilities may have changed, the amount of knowledge you have hasn’t. Under group coverage or the AMA, you would not be able to continue working, in almost any capacity, and still receive your benefits. With True Owns Speciality disability coverage, you are able to continue working while still collecting full monthly benefits.

Whether you decide to stay in the medical field or pursue a new career in the public sector, True Own Specialty Disability insurance ensures you are protected. You worked hard for your medical career, and your dedication deserves to be protected. Doctor Insurance Group can make sure that you are fully covered and will walk you through the underwriting process and provide you with a comparison and written analysis of all disability insurance plans.

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