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Protect your legacy and insure your future

Planning for the future involves evaluating all your life’s events and putting a financial plan in place to ensure that you are adequately covered. Proper planning also involves the recognition that life’s unforeseen events happen and can disrupt the best laid plans. Most physicians don’t envision themselves dying prematurely and most of us prefer not to consider it a possibility. The reality is that, without a sound life insurance plan in place, the family, or the business, or the estate, could suffer catastrophic consequences.

Life insurance is a tool designed to provide protection for all of life’s events. It’s also America’s oldest and most secure method of asset protection and retirement savings.

  • Marriage
  • Graduating residency
  • Starting your own practice
  • Having children
  • Estate planning
  • Asset protection
  • Retirement

Be confident that your legacy is truly protected

There are a wide variety of insurance carriers offering life insurance policies. Some have premiums that are aggressive and some have premiums that seem overpriced. 

We can advise you on obtaining the right amount of insurance and create a guide for your beneficiaries to follow should the need for life insurance arise. Life isn’t a round number and sometimes that means your coverage amounts aren’t either, and change as life changes. 

We’ve designed a life insurance coverage calculator tool to provide you an accurate estimate for the right amount of coverage you need. 

Not all life insurance policies are created equal. We find policies for physicians that provide protection for all of life’s events, limiting your need to apply for life insurance numerous times throughout your career and assuring you that you can always afford to protect your loved ones and their futures.

Life Insurance for Surgeons

The Doctor Insurance Group has helped thousands of doctors design their life insurance plans that ensure their families and practices are covered. 

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