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Young Doctors And True Own Specialty Disability Insurance
August 29, 2019

Young Doctors And True Own Specialty Disability Insurance

Missteps of a Young Physician

Your residency is almost over, and you know its time that you start seriously investing in your future. Your earnings are barely enough to cover monthly expenses and a car payment, so how are you supposed to afford disability insurance? Doctor Insurance Group, experts in True Own Specialty Disability insurance, can not only make sure you covered with disability insurance but also help you grow your wealth with a bundled disability plan that allows you to build wealth over time.

Myth: Disability insurance is only for old people.

Big mistake. An accident can happen at any time. Sure, older people are more at risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer, but younger individuals experience more motor vehicle accidents and have a higher propensity to being involved in risky hobbies, such as SCUBA diving and mountain climbing. Certain physicians, such as surgeons, emergency room physicians, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons, and interventional radiologists are at a higher risk of suffering a disability during their career. Because disability insurance includes both injury and illness, it is a necessary investment for everyone.

Myth: I can’t afford disability insurance.

Insurance companies and underwriters look at several factors to determine the likelihood an individual will need insurance. Young people are less likely to need insurance, so their insurance premiums are generally less expensive. Doctor Insurance Group can help you find a plan that will provide True Own Specialty Disability insurance bundled with a life insurance product that will not only build wealth over time, but also cover the cost of your disability coverage.

Myth: I have group disability insurance and that’s good enough.

Truly, it isn’t. Group disability insurance often touts great rates and low premium costs, but their coverage is more talk than action. Insurance can be dropped without your consultation, rates escalate from year to year, and the original verbiage of your coverage changes — and those changes leave you and your family at risk. A True Own Specialty Disability policy keeps you covered while allowing you to grow your wealth.  Group disability coverage does not offer a “True” definition of total disability which would allow you to work in another occupation should you suffer a disability that prevents you from working in your medical specialty.

Myth: I’m not at risk of becoming disabled.

Even this early in your practice, you’ve probably seen several cases where a disability or illness has struck without warning. Don’t put your family at risk. Invest in coverage that will create wealth while protecting you and your family against financial loss.

Bottom line:  True Own specialty disability insurance offers the advantage of continuing your current pay, along with any bonuses, as long as you are disabled. And with the right policies, you can actually pay for your disability insurance while investing for your future. Be sure to verify the insurance you choose is True Own Specialty Disability insurance. The right True Own Specialty Disability insurance policy  can make sure you meet all of your financial obligations while providing peace of mind and building wealth for your future.

Take the right first step. Contact Doctor Insurance Group, experts in True Own Specialty Disability insurance, at 800-997-0148 to learn more about how you can protect your income, diversify your investment portfolio and create wealth over time.



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